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Ready or Not: Best Guns for Your Loadout

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Ready or Not isn’t your everyday first-person shooter. Its difficult gameplay is unforgiving and will punish players for running a suboptimal loadout. To avoid this you are going to want to be using the best loadout possible. The centerpiece to any loadout is your primary weapon as it is what you’ll be using most of the time. But what are the best guns to use in Ready or Not?

What Makes a Gun Good?

When choosing a weapon there are several things you should consider. After all, there isn’t one gun that’s perfect at everything. Some Mission Types favor shoot-on-sight tactics whilst others require nonlethal arrests. Consider what your mission is and how you want to approach it before picking a gun.

Also, each gun has its own characteristics that can be highly subjective. In general weapons with powerful ammution and low recoil are the best. However, some players may prioritize other aspects such as a weapon’s appearance, its sound when fired, and bullet penetration. Due to this, you are best off using this guide as an entry point and then playing around with other guns to see what works for you.

Best Close-Quarters Gun in Ready or Not

ready or not best guns mpx best close quarters weapon

For operations that require a lot of close-quarters gunfights, there is no better option than the MPX. This iconic submachine gun is one of the best guns in Ready or Not as it offers the mobility and handling of an SMG with the control of an assault rifle. Its strengths work well regardless of skill level as beginners should have an easy time handling it whilst veterans can take advantage of its low recoil to land consistent headshots.

Some other pros to using the MPX are its high fire rate and good range. Despite being a submachine gun the MPX can take down targets with relative consistency from further away than most of its competitors. Although it’s important that you equip a Vertical Grip as the vertical recoil can be a little tricky to handle at long range without it.

Best All-Around Gun

ready or not best guns arn-18 best all around assault rifle

Specialist weapons play an important role but they can’t match the versatility of an all-around primary. Most assault rifles work well in this role but the ARN-18 is one of the best guns for this in Ready or Not. This compact assault rifle is incredible as it is effective in most scenarios.

The ARN-18’s biggest strength is its inherent lack of weaknesses. It is short and compact making it convenient to use in close quarters. Plus it also chambers .300 Blackout rounds which offer quieter gunfire whilst still outputting good damage. This gives the ARN-18 a big advantage over the submachine guns which don’t hit as hard and don’t perform nearly as well at long range.

Best Non-lethal Gun

ready or not best guns beanbag shotgun best less lethal weapon

For non-lethal gameplay, there are a few options. Out of all of them though the best overall choice is the Beanbag Shotgun. The Beanbag Shotgun is unique in that it is loaded not with lethal shells or slugs, but rather bean bag rounds. In most cases, these rounds are not lethal and are used to knock out a target making it easier to arrest them.

Something to note about the Beanbag Shotgun is that it can be lethal if used incorrectly. Shots to the head are likely to kill and should therefore be avoided. When using this gun it’s best to shoot at the center of your target’s chest. Also, keep in mind that it can take multiple shots to incapacitate the target so be prepared to follow up an initial shot if your target gets back up.

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