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Ready or Not: How to Install Mods

Ready or Not - How to Install Mods

Mods are an essential tool in modern gaming. It gives players the freedom and power to create whatever they want in their favorite games. Ready or Not is no exception to the rule. As the game is growing in popularity among tactical shooter fans, so is the modding community. Here’s a guide about how to install mods for Ready or Not.

What Mods Can You Install in Ready or Not

Different mods can change the game in many different ways. From playing as Star Wars stormtroopers to replacing the game’s soundtrack with the one from the movie Tenet and everything in between. You can customize Ready or Not as much as you like to fit your taste.

For example, on Nexusmods, the most reliable platform for Ready or Not mods, the most popular mods are gameplay tweakers and maps. An entire mod can be dedicated to improving gunplay, health, HUD, C2 breaching, ally and enemy AI, add sprinting, and much more.

There’s virtually no limit to what you can mod in Ready or Not. Modding can give you what you want from the game regardless of trying to have the most realistic experience possible or having silly fun in a tactical FPS.

SWAT 4 voice mod for Ready or Not

How to Mod Ready or Not

If you’ve decided to mod Ready or Not, you should know a couple of things. First, you must have a RAR program (WinRAR/7zip) on your PC. Then, create a backup for your main Ready or Not folder. Some mods might break with updates and require you to reinstall the game to make it work again.

The last thing you need to know is that there are three types of mods for Ready or Not:

  • PAK Mods – Used for gameplay/engine mods and maps
  • BANK Mods – Used for audio mods
  • VO Mods – Used for audio/video mods

Each has a slightly different way to install, but all are still very simple and quick to do.

Installing PAK Mods in Ready or Not

First, navigate to where the game is installed on your computer. Usually, that is in Disk\Steam\Steamapps\common\Ready Or Not. To install a PAK Mod, let’s say the Improved Traps Disarmer, you must click on the Ready Or Not folder – > Content -> Paks and drag the .pak file you downloaded from the mod in the PAK folder. Very simple and quick.

Installing BANK Mods in Ready or Not

Once again, navigate to your disk’s main folder of Ready or Not. This is where you’ll need the RAR program. Some mods come in .RAR form. Open the .rar file and copy all the contents you want to modify in the Ready Or Not folder – > Content -> Banks by dragging and dropping. Most .bank files have easily discernable names like “MainMenu.bank” or “HotelLevel.bank” so you can easily know what you’re replacing.

Ready or Not folder required for modding

Installing VO Mods in Ready or Not

Finally, for VO Mods, the process is the same as the first two; you just replace entire folders. This also requires a RAR program. Open the .rar and copy all the contents in Ready Or Not folder – > Content -> VO.

As you can see, Ready or Not isn’t a challenging game to mod, so take your pick and enhance your experience.

Mods can give you a ton of new things to explore, but it’s important to be familiar with vanilla mechanics as well:

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