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How to Add Attachments in Ready or Not

Ready or Not how to change gun attachments

Attachments are an essential part of the gunplay in Ready or Not. In a game as tough and realistic as this, attachments can make a huge difference in how you play the game. Here’s how to add attachments in Ready or Not.

Types of Attachments in Ready or Not

Even though it is a relatively new game, Ready or Not is stacked in terms of weapon customization. Naturally, going for the more realistic look and feel, you have a lot of options to customize every weapon in your arsenal to fit your playstyle. To make sure you have the best loadout, and fit for every mission, it’s important to know your choices.

Here’s a list of all the attachments available in the game.

Main Gun Attachments

Underbarrel Attachments

Underbarrel attachments help you tremendously when it comes to controlling recoil, spotting targets and utility uses like seeing in low light conditions.

  • Flashlight
  • Handstop
  • Angled Foregrip
  • PEQ-15 IR Laser
  • Laser Pointer
  • Vertical ForegripS

Muzzle Attachments

Muzzle attachments are very useful, especially in multiplayer missions. Many “traditional” FPS game attachments can be found here like suppressors, flash hiders, and barrels.

  • Small Suppressor
  • Rifle Suppressor
  • Compensator
  • Single Vented Compensator
  • Light Barrel
  • Short Barrel
  • Flash Hider

Sight Attachments

Sight attachments help you customize one of the most important aspects of gameplay, the crosshair/gunsights.

  • Bu Ironsight
  • HMAA
  • Holosight 512
  • Holosight XPS3
  • M145
  • Maelstrom Venom
  • Micro Red Dot Sight
  • Micro T1
  • MRCO Red Dot Sight
  • PRO Optic
  • Reflex Sight
  • SRS Sight
  • Viewmark Reflex
  • Viewmark Reflex

Ammo Attachments

Ammo attachments provide different ammo for different types of missions.

  • Hollow Point (for non-armored enemies)
  • Full Metal Jacket (for penetration against armored enemies)

Pistol Attachments

Even though the pistol is not the most important piece of your arsenal, it is nothing to scoff at. You never know when it may save you a run. Proper care of your pistol play in Ready or Not is just as important as the other attachments.

Here are the pistols you can customize in Ready or Not:

  • .357 Magnum
  • Five-Seven
  • G19
  • M2011
  • M92FS
  • P99

Pistols can hold utility attachments like flashlights, so you can save an attachment slot on your main weapons. All pistols can be equipped with a red dot sight to increase their accuracy and a suppressor to make it hard for your enemies to spot you. It’s not much but it can help a lot.

Choosing the right attachments for however you want to play is very important if you want to have a smooth experience in Ready or Not. Experimenting is key, so try out new attachments whenever you have the chance. But remember to pick the right attachments for the type of mission that you are playing.

How To Change Attachments in Ready or Not

There are two places where you can customize your attachments. One is in the Locker Room and the other is in the Shooting Range.

The Locker Room Bench. Can be found outside of your locker where you set loadouts. Go downstairs towards the shooting range and it will be right there on the left waiting for you.

The Shooting Range. Next to the bench to the right is the shooting range. Right at the entrance of the shooting range, you can customize your weapons. It was put in the game so you don’t have to move so far to the bench every time you want to try out a new attachment in the shooting range.

To change your attachments, just interact with the quartermaster at each of the locations and modify the gun as you see fit. It’s important to note that the bench does not give you the exact stats of the guns with or without attachments on them, so it’s really important to test them out in the shooting range or on easier missions.

It’s important to know your guns but it’s also important to know your missions. Here are a few guides for you to get to know what the field in Ready or Not looks like:

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