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How to Heal in Ready or Not

It is not possible to fully recover in Ready or Not.

Ready or Not reminded hundreds of thousands of players, including us, that we need a tactical FPS that resembles the old SWAT games. It is an FPS but unlike casual titles like Call of Duty, there is no autoheal, which raises a question: how to heal in Ready or Not?

It’s perfectly normal for this to be confusing. Because there’s no complete recovery system in the game. It’s not even clear if this system, which can directly affect gameplay, will come. However, we do have a small method that you can use right now.

You can stop your bleeding by pressing the F key in Ready or Not.
You can stop your bleeding by pressing the F key in Ready or Not. / Credit: VOID Interactive

How to Stop Bleeding in Ready or Not

Since it’s a tactical FPS game, the gameplay works so close to reality. What does it mean? Even though minor to moderate injuries aren’t fatal, they limit your movements in the game. More lethal injuries will cause your character to die in a short time.

To deal with minor injuries, you can stop the bleeding and continue with movement restrictions. For this, you need to know how to apply a bandage in Ready or Not. If you haven’t changed the button settings, you’ll simply press the “F” key to stop your character’s bleeding.

Using this method should always be your last choice. After all, if you get injured in Ready or Not, it often means you’re pretty much limited for the rest of the map. To avoid injury, here’s what you should do:

  • Use the Mirror Gun to understand the armed enemies, traps, and architecture in the other room.
  • Never stand directly behind closed doors.
  • Do not enter rooms or sharp turns without using flash grenades.
  • Enter all rooms with at least two people, sharing corners.
  • Use night vision or a flashlight.
You can see it has syringe healing in old animations.
It’s a screenshot from old animation. You can see it has syringe healing. / Credit: VOID Interactive

Will There Be a Healing System in Ready or Not?

There’s no recovery system in the updates released so far. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t last forever. Because in one of the published animations of the older versions of the game, it seems that the characters are applying injection therapy.

While it’s not known if the injection fully recharges characters’ health, you can see in the discussion on Reddit that a large part of the community doesn’t want it. This is quite understandable because in a game where gameplay is based on realism, there’s no place for miracle healing.

Instead, it would make more sense to have a method that temporarily removes physical limitations, such as an adrenaline shot.

To avoid getting hurt throughout the missions you can learn a few tricks:

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