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Ready or Not: Best Keybinds

Ready or Not Best Keybinds for Commands and Movement

Ready or Not is a first-person tactical shooter centered on a team of SWAT(Special Weapons and Tactics). It is by no means a simple game and many players are understandably put off by the game’s complexity. Something that can ease the experience is changing the controls. Here are the best keybinds Ready or Not.

What are the Best Keybinds in Ready or Not?

The realism in this game is the thing that makes the experience very rewarding as players and suspects can be killed in only a few shots with a huge variety of lethal and non-lethal weapons like tasers, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. As players get higher scores per mission if they capture enemies instead of just killing them.

Being a complex game with a high focus on realism there are also a lot of keybinds to control the movement of the character. Movement of the gun, movement of the squad, loadouts, and interacting with possible suspects or just civilians. And the player must use them regardless of the mission and environment.

Movement Keybinds

  • W – moving forward
  • S – moving backward
  • A – moving left
  • D – moving right
  • Left Ctrl – crouching in order to move stealthier
  • Space – jumping over obstacles
  • Left Shift – walking faster and also a lot of players assign an extra function to their Left Shift button and that is called “hold low-ready” which allows you during missions to walk faster (sprint)
  • Q and E – peaking a corner by leaning left with Q or leaning right with E

We recommend leaving the movement keys as they are because this is the default in any other game you are familiar with. It’s also very good because all of our movement keybinds are on the far left of the keyboard, leaving plenty of space for other commands.

Interaction Keybinds

  • Left mouse – shooting lethal/non-lethal weapons
  • Right mouse click – ADS (aim down sights) in order to have a clear shot over your target
  • R – reloading weapons by just tapping it you could also hold R for checking how much ammo you have remaining
  • B – melee
  • F – general interaction and also “Yell for compliance”
  • X – fire select of a weapon meaning it can go from full auto to semi-auto or burst fire if available

We highly suggest swapping B with F or with Middle Mouse, because F/Middle Mouse is the melee button in most games you’ve likely already played. If you’re playing Ready or Not and another FPS at the same time, you might mix keybinds up and miss key moments.

Equipment Keybinds

  • 1 – Equip primary weapon
  • 2 – Equip secondary weapon
  • 3 – Equip grenade
  • 4 – Equip tactical device
  • 5 – Equip long tactical
  • 6 – Equip miscellaneous
  • N – Equip Nightvision
  • C – Drop chem light
  • Num 9 – Equip multitool
  • Num 8 – Equip pepper spray
  • Num 7 – Equip tablet
  • Num 6 – Equip C2
  • Num 5 – Equip wedge
  • Num 4 – Equip breaching shotgun
  • Num 3 – Equip Optiwand
  • Num 2 – Equip flashbang
  • Num 1 – Equip CS gas
  • Num 0 – Equip stinger

The equipment keys are just like in any other game. One difference is that many gamers do not have a keyboard with a Numpad. In this case, try rebinding to the F Keys (F1 – F12).

Teamwork Keybinds

These are the keybindings for tactical control of teammates. For that, we have a dedicated command interface that activates with the middle mouse click. After activating it, you can use whatever keybinding you need for the teamwork commands by cycling the elements with the mouse wheel up and down.

  • F5 – Select gold element
  • F6 – Select blue element
  • F7 – Select red element
  • Left Shift – Hold command
  • 1 – Command key one
  • 2 – Command key two
  • 3 – Command key three
  • 4 – Command key four
  • 5 – Command key five
  • 6 – Command key six
  • 7 – Command key seven
  • 8 – Command key eight
  • 9 – Command key nine
  • Tab – Command key back
  • T -Team view cam
  • V – Push to Talk VOIP
  • L – Cycle voice channels
  • J – Chat
  • K – Team chat

Try swapping the Hold command from Left Shift to Left CTRL. If you press any movement button by mistake while holding LSHIFT your character will sometimes move and cancel your action.

Another way to optimize keybinds is to swap the team communication keys. Swap the Team View cam from T to K, so you can have Team chat on T. It is very important to communicate with your teammates, and many players won’t be using microphones in the game.

Miscellaneous Keybinds

  • Esc – Pause menu
  • Page Up – Vote yes
  • Page Down – Vote no
  •   – Spectate the next player
  •   – Spectate the previous player
  • M – Multiplayer menu

The miscellaneous keybinds can also be left the same, since they do not have any practical use during a game, only in the pause menu or voting. These are our recommendations for the best keybindings in Ready or Not. There are many mechanics in the game that can be daunting, but we got you covered:

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