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How to Use Mirror Gun in Ready or Not

You can use the Mirror Gun by aiming under the doors.

It goes without saying that one of our favorite games lately is Ready or Not. For weeks we’ve been preparing the most accurate guides to this game for you. Today’s guide is one of the most useful ones. Because today we’re going to talk about how to use the Mirror Gun in Ready or Not.

If you don’t know what the Mirror Gun is good for and you’re new to the game, you can assume that it’ll save your life countless times. Considering that every door is a potential trap, this gadget will be your best friend.

Mirror Gun has been with us since the old SWAT games.
Mirror Gun has been with us since the old SWAT games. / Credit: VOID Interactive

How to Use Mirror Gun in Ready or Not

There’s no one way to succeed in Ready or Not. Over time, you’ll find the best model for you and your friends, depending on how you play. You still need to know how to add attachments or how to act as a team. One of the first things you should learn thoroughly should be the Mirror Gun.

To have a successful operation with your team, one member of the team must have a Mirror Gun. Otherwise, all closed doors will put you at risk. Thanks to the Mirror Gun you can see what’s behind the door, what dangers are waiting for you, traps, armed enemies, or civilians

This slow but effective gadget is actually a camera that can fit in the gaps under the door. Aim at the bottom of closed doors to use it. Activate the camera with the use button and see everything behind the door.

You can see everything in the other room using the Mirror Gun.
You can see everything in the other room using the Mirror Gun. / Credit: VOID Interactive

Does using the Mirror Gun make you immortal? No, of course, it doesn’t. Once you know what’s going on behind the door, you should continue to follow the tactical rules with your other equipment.

Let’s say you have the best guns for your loadout. And you know that there are two enemies behind the door. One of the scenarios you can use is to throw a flash and neutralize the armed enemies. Did you see a civilian? Then don’t use flashes, enter the room with your friends and quickly make sure that nobody else is there.

Is Mirror Gun boring?

Just like Escape from Tarkov, Ready or Not has a very dedicated community. Since all of these players want the game to be better, their opinions on Mirror Gun are valuable. One player on Reddit said, “The mirror gun is making Ready or Not too easy and repetitive.” The idea seems to have attracted a lot of attention.

This complaint is somewhat true since it’s possible to use the Mirror Gun to gain knowledge of almost any door in the game. Perhaps it would be better to actually limit its use, make it charged and make the game a little more dangerous.

Another perspective is that “boring is always best” as you can safely complete missions and immerse yourself in a world of the professional SWAT team that never loses. That team needs to know a bit more than just using a Mirror Gun:

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