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Raft: How to Use Beehive

how to use beehive in raft

Raft is a fun multiplayer survival game, that you can play with a group of friends or even solo. To survive in Raft players need to craft items from the debris around and nearby islands. One of the most important and difficult items to find and craft is the Beehive. Beehives are quite a useful item as they help to produce Honey.

Honey can be very useful for you both in mid-game and end-game as it not only helps to replenish your hunger but also can be used as a biofuel. If you are wondering how to craft and use beehive well, this guide is for you.

How to Make Beehive in Raft

how to make beehive in raft
How to make Beehive in Raft?

If you have just started playing Raft then you will need to invest quite a lot in the storyline to utilize a beehive. Before you start using a beehive in Raft you need to make one. To make a beehive you need to find, at least 15 Bee Jars, which can be found in the Evergreen Biome.

Evergreen Biome consists of Balboa Island, Caravan Town, and Desert Islands. You can find Balboa Island near the Vasagatan shipwreck with the help of the Receiver. To collect the Bee Jars you need to catch the Bee Swarms.

Bee Swarms can be collected using the Sweep Net. Therefore make sure before you start hunting for Bee Swarms you have a Sweep Net. It can be crafted using:

Keep looking around for Natural Beehives on the Islands, you will find Bee Swarms hovering around them. The Bee Swarms have a consistent flying pattern therefore keep an eye on them. Also, when staying near the Bee Swarms the character can be stung by them and take damage in small amounts.

trying to catch bee swarms using sweep net in raft
Trying to catch Bee Swarms using Sweep Net in Raft.

Try catching them with the help of your Sweep Net, you will be able to catch four to five Bee Jars per Bee Swarm. Keep collecting them until you get at least 15. Although we suggest you get five or ten more jars.

Once you have collected the Bee Jars it’s now time to make Beehives. To craft Beehives you require:

  • 20x Planks
  • 8x Plastic
  • 4x Clay
  • 2x Hinge
  • 15x Bee Jar

How to Use Beehive in Raft

using beehive to harvest honeycomb in raft
Using Beehive to harvest Honeycomb in Raft.

Congratulations you have now crafted a beehive in Raft. Now you might be wondering how can we use the beehive and how to make honey from it. To use the beehive you need to crop plot and grow flowers around it to harvest honeycomb from it.

The more flowers you plant the more honeycomb you will be able to harvest. Also, keep in mind that the flowers should be close to the beehive or else it won’t harvest honeycomb.

Here is what the flower to honeycomb ratio looks like:

  • 1-5 Flowers: 1 Honeycomb
  • 6-11 Flowers: 2 Honeycomb
  • 12 or More Flowers: 3 Honeycomb

You need to also make sure that the bees take honey from Black, Red, Blue, and White flowers only. Although the color of the flowers don’t make difference in the outcome of the harvest.

A small crop plot can grow three flowers, so we suggest to crop four small lots around the beehive to get the maximum number of honeycombs in a single harvest. And eventually, you will have a generous supply of honey on your raft.

Apart from honey, there are other valuable resources that will aid you on your journey throughout the ocean. And here’s how to make them:

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