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Ready or Not: How to Play Custom Maps

Ready or not how to install custom maps and mods

Ready or Not is a game with an ever-growing modding community, especially when it comes to developing maps. You can relive great levels from S.W.A.T or play extremely challenging levels to test your skills. Here’s how to play custom maps in Ready or Not.

How to Get Custom Maps in Ready or Not

One of the best things about modern gaming is modding. It breathes new life into old games and can give endless replayability to beloved titles.

Although Ready or Not is a relatively new game, it’s by no means a AAA title. It’s still in early access and many things are still missing or being worked on. One such example is the map pool.

Although great at first, players who take the time to learn the ins and outs of the maps are left with little challenge. This is where custom maps come in.

There’s an entire dedicated section on the Nexusmods community for Ready or Not maps (and other mods). If you’re looking to spice up your gameplay or just want some new environments to play in, browse around and choose any map you like.

How to Install and Play Custom Maps in Ready or Not

As we detailed in our modding guide on Ready or Not, to get custom maps working in Ready or Not, you’re going to have to mess with the game’s files just a little bit.

First, make sure you are properly set up in case something goes wrong. Create a backup for the main Ready or Not folder. Then, ensure you have a RAR program installed on your PC (some maps come archived). WinRAR or 7zip should do the job just fine.

ways come as PAK mods. To install a pak mod, follow the steps:

  • Navigate to Disk\Steam\Steamapps\common\Ready Or Not
  • Locate the PAK folder from the Ready or Not main folder
  • Drag the PAK file into the PAK folder

Some custom maps might replace default maps. Make sure you read the descriptions on Nexusmods to know which ones. To start any of the custom maps, select the mission you want to play from the lobby, just like you would a normal map.

If you want to play the old maps again and they have been replaced, don’t worry. Just navigate to Disk\Steam\Steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\PAK and delete the custom maps from the folder and everything will be back to normal.

Modded maps may be easier or even harder than the default ones. So make sure that you had a good grasp of all the mechanics you might need to successfully complete the mission:

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