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Ready or Not: How to Arrest Suspects

Ready or Not how to detain enemies

Ready or Not focuses on creating one of the most realistic SWAT experiences on the gaming market. There are armed hostiles, innocent civilians, and explosive hazards that you will have to deal with. If you can, you should try to arrest suspects rather than kill them. And here’s how to arrest suspects in Ready or Not.

How to Arrest Suspects in Ready or Not

There are many types of missions in Ready or Not, ranging from saving hostages and defusing bombs to eliminating terrorists. Players and suspects can die in a matter of shots with a wide variety of lethal and non-lethal weapons, such as tasers, flashbangs, and smoke grenades.

But players earn more points per mission if they capture enemies rather than simply kill them. The realism of Ready or Not is what makes the experience so enjoyable.

The Rules of Engagement in the game encourage capture over kill until the hostages or officers are fatally injured. Killing is not the only viable strategy. In order to apprehend suspects and earn that S rating, it is best to force them to cooperate. Force suspects to obey using a taser, a bean bag, and pepper balls.

Once they are downed from all the utility you threw at them, get close and use your interact button (“F” by default to arrest them).

Tips and Tricks for Arresting Suspects in Ready or Not

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you consistently arrest suspects:

  • Very underappreciated but helpful – the door wedges and mirror guns might not seem like a game-changer when compared to the rest of the armament, but they do stop unwary criminals from entering a room and may even buy valuable time for capture. Keep one on hand just in case. They are reusable as well.
  • When shooting unarmored suspects at gas stations and drug houses, less-than-lethal works fine, but when shooting disciplined and armored foes at Cherryessa Farm, they seem to disregard less-than-lethal like it is nothing (center mass). The answer is to shoot them in the legs and head (shooting them in the head may kill them, but in general it simply makes them incapacitated), but they will hide once they see you and retaliate with gunfire.
  • Charge the culprits with many C2 breaches to overwhelm them – You can place numerous C2 charges and set them off simultaneously using your preferred keybind.
    If a space has many entryways, think about rigging them all, and putting an officer on each door. In this manner, you can attack the room from all sides while reducing fatalities.
  • Make sure enemies never have the chance to fire in the first place. Lowering their spirits with flashbangs, C4, battering rams, and breaching shotguns may momentarily knock them out so you may get closer and force them to submit.

You can use of lethal force to arrest suspects in Ready or Not too. Basically, downing suspects with low-caliber shots from semi-automatic weapons and wishing they will get incapacitated so you can detain them. Not the most optimal way, but still viable in some situations.

You have to make sure you bring all the right equipment for the mission. Here are a few guides to help you choose and set everything up:

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