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Can You Play Destiny 2 Without an Internet Connection? (Offline)


Destiny 2 is a very unique game in terms of genre. It’s an MMO RPG shooter with lots of story, endgame, and seasonal content. However, since some of the content offers you to play solo, can you play Destiny 2 while offline?

Destiny 2 requires a stable internet connection to log in and play. If you try to go around it, the game will send you to the main screen to log in again.

That’s how Destiny 1 worked, and that’s how Destiny 2 works. Simply due to Destiny being an MMO, there’s almost no room for offline gaming and there’s no way you can play either of those 2 games offline.

Almost any activity will have you matchmake, join, or create a fireteam to complete. You are not bound to the fireteam and can leave it at any moment, but the whole point of the game is to work with others.

There’s some content that you can play solo, like Campaigns, or even endgame content like Dungeons. However, most of them are either intended to be played in a fireteam or have an active option of the co-op.

Bungie's website with Destiny 2 LFG features to play with others.
Bungie.net LFG feature

That’s where you can bring your friends along. There are quite a few social features that you can take advantage of. And even if your friends don’t play Destiny 2, you can find Guardians to play with by using the LFG features, and even joining or creating a clan.

If you are still not keen to find yourself a fireteam, you can tackle in-game activities solo. But for that you need to get yourself some good equipment and guns:

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