Apex Legends: Tips and Tricks to Get Better

apex legends tips and tricks to get better and improve

As with any other competitive FPS, the skill ceiling in Apex Legends is huge. Even professional players who play several hours a day still have room to improve. But it can be difficult to figure out what you need to do to take the next step. To help you out we’ve put together these tips …

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Apex Legends: How to Get Legend Tokens Fast

With each update in Apex Legends, a new Legend arrives to the arena. However, with each new Legend, the demand for more Legend Tokens increases. It can be frustrating earning Legend Tokens but there are ways of streamlining the process. Here’s how to get Legend Tokens fast in Apex Legends. What are Legend Tokens? Legend …

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Apex Legends: The Best Sensitivity to Use

Apex Legends best sensitivity controller mouse and keyboard

There are several different skills required to be good at a competitive first-person shooter. Good communication and game sense are key but they are only useful if you can hit your shots in the first place. The best way to get better at shooting in Apex Legends is to find the best sensitivity for you. …

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Apex Legends: How to Cap Your FPS on Steam

apex legends how to cap fps steam version

As with any competitive first-person shooter, Apex Legends benefits from having a steady frame rate. In an ideal world, that frame rate will be in the hundreds but not everyone has a rig capable of delivering such performance. So what do you do if you aren’t able to maintain a high frame rate and your …

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How to Change Your Name on Apex Legends

We all know the pain of choosing a bad username. Makes you think about what was in your had back then. The good news is that changing your name in Apex Legends is quite easy and most importantly free. Here’s how to change your name in Apex Legends on a variety of platforms including PC, …

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How to Switch Weapons in Apex Legends

Getting started in Apex Legends can be intimidating. It looks complicated like Warzone but in fact, it’s quite simple. There are a few unique settings to Apex but that’s about all you need to know. However, some Apex players experience issues with switching weapons in the game, and in this guide, we will talk about …

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How to Get Crafting Metals in Apex Legends

There are a few key resources in Apex Legends. There are Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and Crafting Metals. In this guide, we will talk about what Crafting Metals are and how to get them as they can allow you to craft any cosmetic in Apex Legends you want. And who doesn’t like loot that is …

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Apex Legends Character’s Real Names, Ages, Home Worlds and More

From different corners of the universe, people arrive to compete in the Apex Games. Each one of them has their own story and a reason to be there. Whether it is for money and glory or to find something long lost. Today it is your chance to discover something new about the renowned Legends of …

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How to Change Language in Apex Legends (PC, Xbox, Switch, Mobile, PS)

Change language

Apex Legends can be a headache when it comes to such simple settings as a language change. Especially considering the number of platforms the game is available on. Some are more obvious, some are less. Don’t worry though as we have compiled an ultimate guide on how to change language in Apex Legends on every …

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