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How to Get More Ammo in Ready or Not

Ammo Magazine in Ready or Not

There are plenty of situations in this game that will make you yearn for a different ammo type or just more ammo in general. You technically can’t get more of one ammo type during a mission, but you can adjust and learn how to get more ammo in Ready or Not before you start a mission.

There are also a couple of additional options to consider if you want more ammunition in your missions, and we’ll cover those later on in the guide.

How to Get More Weapon Ammo

The default ammo setup for any loadout in Ready or Not gives you 4 magazines for both your primary and secondary weapon. Now, if you want to increase the amount of ammunition that you get for either your primary or secondary, you’re going to have to sacrifice magazine or grenade slots.

‘Munitions’ Tab in Ready or Not

For example, if you remove two magazines from your secondary weapon, you’ll be able to add an additional two magazines to your primary weapon. This works for all of the slots in the ‘Munitions‘ section of the loadout.

All you have to do is press ‘Edit Slots‘ in order to access this menu. The ‘‘ and ‘+‘ signs allow you to take away or add magazines. This also applies to the ‘Grenade‘ and ‘Tactical‘ slots, and you can take away a grenade or gadget in an attempt to get even more ammo for your weapons.

‘Edit Slots’ Section in Ready or Not

How to Get More Ammo via Mods

More Ammo Magazines in Ready or Not

Believe it or not, you are able to install mods in Ready or Not. Even though the game is still in somewhat of an early development stage, you can modify different aspects of the game via mods. In this case, we have a mod that allows you to bring more ammo into situations.

This mod is called ‘More Ammo’. Essentially, what this mod does is give you additional magazine slots that you can add to your weapons in the loadout locker. This allows you to bring more magazines without having to sacrifice grenades or tactical gadgets.

More Ammo Mod on Nexusmods

You can even equip more grenades and gadgets if you please with this mod. Some maps quickly turn into shootouts, so it’s understandable if you want more ammo. This is why some people consider this mod a must-have.

Ammo Variety in Ready or Not

There are more or less 4 distinct ammo types that you can choose to equip in Ready or Not. Shotguns come with Buckshot and Slug ammunition, whilst regular automatic and semi-automatic weapons come with either Armor Piercing (AP) or Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) rounds.

Mostly everyone goes for Armor Piercing rounds when it comes to Assault Rifles, but there are ways for you to introduce some variety to your loadout. Here’s how you can add another ammo type to your loadout:

  1. Spawn into the lobby and head towards your locker to modify your loadout
  2. Find the ‘Munitions‘ tab
  3. Click on the ammo magazine icons
  4. Find your primary/secondary weapon’s ammo and click the ‘+‘ sign below it
  5. If your loadout consists of only AP ammo, then clicking ‘+‘ will add one magazine of JHP ammo
  6. You can choose how many magazines of each ammo type you want to bring
  7. Press ‘1‘ when on a mission in order to switch ammo types
Adding Different Ammo Types in Ready or Not

Ammo Types Explained

Each ammo type is very situational. JHP rounds are more effective against unarmored opponents and don’t deal much penetrative damage. AP rounds on the other hand are meant for missions that require you to face heavily armored opponents.

Assault Rifle Ammo Types in Ready or Not

Shotgun Buckshot ammunition contains pellets that spread and dish out a lot of stopping power against any sort of opponent. Slugs are practically the opposite, and they act more like conventional bullets. Even though slugs are more effective at longer ranges, they are weaker against armored opponents in this game.

As it stands, this is one of the more complex tactical FPS games out there. But, knowing how to get more ammo in Ready or Not will help you play the game a bit more casually.

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