Torchlight Infinite: How to Craft

The crafting menu in Torchlight Infinite

Knowing how to craft is a vital skill for succeeding in Torchlight Infinite’s endgame. Through the use of a few rare resources, crafting can modify your gear with a wide range of powerful effects. In this guide, we’ll run you through the crafting process in Torchlight Infinite, from material gathering to item modification. Introduction to …

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The Sims 4: How to Have More than 8 Sims in a Household 

An enormous group of Sims

Raising a family and enriching a Sim’s life is a goal for many players of The Sims 4. Unfortunately, the base game won’t let you have more than 8 Sims in a single The Sims 4 household.  Luckily, you can get around this limit with the Full House mod. We’ll run you through how to …

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Undecember: How to Use Return Scrolls

Official image of Malo Front, the first town in Undecember

Return Scrolls are an incredibly useful item in Undecember, allowing you to quickly create a portal back to town without using a waypoint.  Luckily, you can get these important items as early as Undecember’s first act. We’ll cover exactly how to get and use Return Scrolls down below.  How to Get Return Scrolls You can …

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The Best Naruto Games on Roblox (October 2023)

Naruto as a Roblox character

There are a ton of Naruto games on Roblox. With so many to pick from, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our picks for the best Naruto games on Roblox.  Shinobi Storm Shinobi Storm is a fighting game that lets you control …

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The Best Strongholds Seeds in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

An End portal in Minecraft

Strongholds are some of the rarest structures in Minecraft and are vital for reaching the End dimension and completing the game. If you want to find a stronghold quickly, you’re best off picking a specific Minecraft seed with a stronghold close to your spawn point. Here are five Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19 world seeds that …

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The Best Nether Fortress Seeds in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

A large Nether Fortress

Nether fortresses are rare structures that you must find if you want to complete Minecraft. If you don’t want to go through the difficult task of building a Nether portal and finding a Nether fortress, you can choose a world seed that will speed things up for you.  Here are five Minecraft world seeds for …

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How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Crops in Coral Island

A large farm in Coral Island

Growing and harvesting crops is one of the main activities you’ll spend time doing in Coral Island. It’s the best way to make money and gather ingredients for cooking.  We’ll cover exactly how to grow and harvest crops down below.  Farming Crops in Coral Island Before you can harvest crops and make money, you’ll first …

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How to Fish in Coral Island 

Official image of fishing minigame in Coral Island

Fishing is a great way to make money or gather cooking ingredients in Coral Island. Catching fish is also integral for completing some quests, and filling the island museum.  We’ll cover exactly how to fish in Coral Island down below, as well as how to increase your chances of finding rare and valuable fish.  How …

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The Best Demon Slayer Games on Roblox (January 2023)

Tanjiro using water breathing

Every popular anime has a ton of Roblox games to go along with it, and Demon Slayer is no exception. From gacha games to full RPGs, there’s a huge range of Demon Slayer homages for you to find and play. To help you pick, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Demon Slayer games …

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How to Craft in DayZ

A survivor looks over a town inDayZ

Knowing how to craft is an important skill that every DayZ player should have. Without crafting, you’ll be missing out on vital gear, including weapons, medical equipment, and base building materials.  We’ll cover exactly how to craft items in DayZ down below. How to Craft  You can craft from the very beginning of DayZ – …

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