Destiny 2: Gnawing Hunger God Roll

Auto rifles are far from being the most popular weapon type in Destiny 2. The battlefield is dominated by, well everything but the auto rifles. But what if we told you that there is a decent auto rifle that is worth getting? The gun is called Gnawing Hunger and this is a Destiny 2 god …

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How to Find Opulent Chests in Destiny 2

Once glorious Leviathan is now filled with Nightmares and Scorn. But even though it’s corrupted to its core the opulent riches remain on the ship. The loot that you all loved and missed is back and can be found in Opulent chests aboard the Derelict Leviathan. We know that you want to get your hands …

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Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing in 2023?

Is Destiny 2 worth playing?

Destiny 2 is an FPS looter shooter that was released back in 2017. It was a paid game at first, but now you can play it on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox absolutely free. Destiny 2 has great online stats and it is a F2P after all. Nevertheless, the world of Destiny 2 has experienced quite …

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Best Weapons in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (+God Rolls)

Best Weapons

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen brought an insane amount of new legendary and exotic weapons to the loot table. There are 42 legendaries, and at least 8 exotics. Out of all the weapons, there are bound to be some that stand out. Today we will be talking about some of the best weapons in Destiny …

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How to Get the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2

Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger is the Season’s 16 seasonal exotic weapon. In previous seasons we had to wait for the exotic mission to drop to get an exotic weapon like the Devil’s Ruin or Dead Man’s Tale. Yet in Season of the Risen, the exotic mission is available straight away. We will guide you through how to …

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How to Get the Parasite in Destiny 2


Transforming something irregular into the gun is any Guardian’s job and hobby. The Parasite is a unique exotic grenade launcher that uses Hive worms as projectiles. It may not be everyone’s favorite because of the aesthetic but it’s still a fun weapon to fire at least once. To equip you with this menace here’s the …

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How to Get the Osteo Striga in Destiny 2

Osteo Striga

Osteo Striga is probably the coolest name for a gun in the whole of Destiny. However, it created quite a confusion when this pre-order bonus was nowhere to be found. If you pre-ordered Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and can’t find your Osteo Striga we are about to explain how to get it. First and …

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Destiny 2: Falling Guillotine God Roll

Falling Guillotine

Destiny 2 players always look for new powerful weapons to add to their collection and annihilate their enemies with. From its debut in Season of Arrivals, Falling Guillotine has been a staple of complete PvE destruction and massacre. This weapon is absolutely worth having at least in your vault so here’s how to get Falling …

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